Hasbro-a-thon playing with Innovation

August 17th and 18th
Hasbro HQ


What is Hasbro-a-thon?

The Hasbro-a-thon is a first of its kind toy and game hack! We're taking hacking to a whole new level of fun! Hasbro is looking for new ideas for play in their world class portfolio of brands and beyond.

Event Details

The event takes place Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August at Hasbro HQ: 1027 Newport Ave Pawtucket, RI. See below for the itinerary.

What should I build?

Build a prototype ("hack") of something that solves a big problem. It can be an App, Website, Game or, of course, a Toy... you don't need a crazy business plan but you need to be able to show in 3 minutes why your idea will be the next big way to play.

What are the rules?

All code must be Fresh. Before the competition, you can create your logo, user interface, and wireframes. To have a fair competition, you can't write any code before the start of the hackathon. The main event starts at 1:00pm on Saturday. All code must be written within the timeframe of the event.

The Hackathon

August 17th and 18th - Hasbro HQ

Brace yourself for THE MOST AMAZING experience!! 24 hours of work with an "all inclusive" environment where you're going to be able to enjoy the advice of play experts and entrepreneurs to take your idea to the next level. Gourmet food, energy drinks, massages, Nerf blaster and lots of fun are guaranteed.

Saturday August 17th

08:00am : Doors Open to Sponsors / Sponsor Table Setup.
09:00am : Doors Open to Attendees / Breakfast of Champions.
10:30am : Sponsor Talks and Team Pitches.
12:30pm : Lunch is served / The Hackathon begins!
02:00pm : Sponsor Breakout Sessions.
07:00pm : Dinner is served.

Sunday August 18th

7:00am : Breakfast is served.
12:00pm : Lunch is served / I can’t think straight but this tastes awesome!.
01:00pm : Hackathon Ends / Submission due on hackathon.io.
02:00pm : Demos Begin / Shine bright.
05:00pm : Winners are announced / Prizathon!.
05:30pm : Drinkathon / You’ve survived… let’s celebrate!.

Judges and Mentors

Duncan Billing
Chief Development Officer, Hasbro

Brian Chapman
Head of Global Design and Development, Hasbro

Leif Askeland
SVP of Engineering and Technology, Hasbro

Brian Jepson
hacker, artist, editor

Geraldo Perez

Michael Carriere
CEO, Zapdot

Adam Wilson

Beth Marcus

Fahd Albinali

Dan Judkins
Sr. Director of Integrated Play, Hasbro

Kipp Bradford
Senior Design Engineer and Lecturer, Brown University

Dave Bisceglia
CEO, The Tap Lab

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